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Soccer class - the struggle is real

Posted by Kim Wunderlich-Cady on Mar 5, 2016 8:54:10 AM

It’s Saturday morning and the struggle is real.  The struggle to get my kid amped up and enthusiastic about going to his soccer class.  “What do you mean?” you might ask.  “Aren’t little boys always excited to be running around on a field, with a ball and other kids?”  No. No they are not.

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Topics: Fun with Kids, Children and Sports, Health and Wellness, Sports, Sportsmanship, Teaching Kids Responsibility

Children and  Allowance - Is it too soon for CA$H ?

Posted by Kim Wunderlich-Cady on Mar 1, 2016 11:15:49 AM

I don’t remember at what age I started to get an allowance.  I don’t remember at what dollar amount it started or incrementally how it grew.  By the time I was old enough to remember getting it, it was $20 per week (or maybe every other week) and I’m fairly certain I blew it on things like nail polish, Barbie clothes and lip gloss.  When I got a little bit older, before I had a part time job, I used it for McDonalds with friends, movie tickets and the occasional clothing item that my mother declined to purchase.   If she liked it, she’d buy it.  If I liked it, but she didn’t, I had to buy it. 

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Topics: kids and learning, Empowering Our Children, Fun with Kids, Money, Teaching Kids Responsibility, Kids and Chores, Piggy Bank, Saving Money

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