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Olympic Fever!

Posted by Kristen Nielsen Donnelly on Aug 6, 2016 8:28:32 AM

The Rio Olympics are upon us and what a fabulous time to get to know your au pair’s home country a little bit better!

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Topics: Children and Sports, Sports, Sportsmanship, Culture, Au Pairs, World Culture, Foreign Language, Olympics, National Pride

Soccer class - the struggle is real

Posted by Kim Wunderlich-Cady on Mar 5, 2016 8:54:10 AM

It’s Saturday morning and the struggle is real.  The struggle to get my kid amped up and enthusiastic about going to his soccer class.  “What do you mean?” you might ask.  “Aren’t little boys always excited to be running around on a field, with a ball and other kids?”  No. No they are not.

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Topics: Fun with Kids, Children and Sports, Health and Wellness, Sports, Sportsmanship, Teaching Kids Responsibility

One Mom’s Opinion on Sportsmanship, Superbowl 50, Cam Newton and Aqib Talib

Posted by Kim Wunderlich-Cady on Feb 8, 2016 1:05:10 PM

Superbowl 50 has me thinking a lot about sportsmanship, the lack of sportsmanship, and how it can affect our children.

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Topics: Children and Sports, Superbowl, Sports, Sportsmanship

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