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Simple Summer Snack Favorites

Posted by Katie Tastrom on Aug 15, 2017 6:00:00 AM


Running out of ideas for some simple and nutritious snack foods? Tired of grabbing for packets of fruit snacks and bags of chips? Kids bored with goldfish crackers and string cheese?  Try some of these easy and delicious favorites: 


1.     Avocado toast- Avocado is one of my favorite foods and it is especially plentiful in summer. Avocado is also full of good fats so it is a great ingredient for snacks for growing kids. Avocado toast can be as easy or difficult as you want to make it. At the most simple you can just mash up avocado and put it on toast. For a fancier version you can add salt, olive oil, onions, and/or tomatoes or really anything else that you would like.

2.     Smoothies – Obviously with smoothies younger kids will need help to make these, but teens should be able to operate a blender just fine (as long as they are taught how to first). Smoothies are great for summer because you can add all sorts or fruits and vegetables that need to be eaten. When they are overripe, berries and other fruit can add some sweetness to the smoothie.

3.     Frozen Watermelon Balls– Watermelon is the quintessential summer fruit. It is cool and refreshing and tastes great. Watermelon is even better when it is frozen, especially on the hottest days. Frozen watermelon balls are easy, you just use a melon baller to make balls, put them in a bowl, and freeze. They may freeze together a little bit, you can use a flat surface and make sure the balls don’t touch if you want to make sure they don’t stick.

4.     Yogurt – When in doubt, go with yogurt! Whether frozen or chilled, yogurt is a great base that you can add things to, such as fruit. With all the fruit that is becoming ripe this summer, you can cut some up and mix it into yogurt. Other additions can include: sprinkles, chocolate chips, raisins, and cucumbers.

There is still plenty of summer left with warm, outdoor-play friendly days - keep the kids fueled up so they can enjoy the nice weather!

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