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Saying Goodbye to Summer and Hello to a New School Year

Posted by Karen Higgs Faretta on Aug 14, 2017 6:00:00 AM


American school children will be saying goodbye to summer vacation soon. It will be time for children to go back to school after enjoying the summer months off. Children in America typically end the school year in May or June. They enjoy a few summer months off then return in August or September. Saying goodbye to summer is sad but the start of a new school year can bring enthusiasm of its own as the thoughts of seeing friends and learning new things start to emerge.

Parents and Au Pairs will need to help children to get ready for the upcoming school routine. The summer has been filled with many cherished memories and moments but it’s time to start thinking about schedules, school supplies and the other needs associated with the start of a new school year.

Tips and Ideas

You may find these tips and ideas helpful in fostering a smooth and comfortable transition:

  • Ensure that children are familiar with the school, especially if this is their first year attending. It will be important to know the name of the principal and teachers along with the curriculum.
  • Visit the school before it starts. A tour of the school might ease any fears and helps children to feel comfortable with their soon to be new surroundings. Most schools host a beginner’s day or open house before the official first day of school so that kids and parents can meet teachers, drop off communal supplies and take tours.
  • Start your back-to-school routine ahead of time by ensuring that children are going to bed and waking at the times they will need to be accustomed to.
  • Purchase all school items early (most elementary schools publish lists online and provide them to local box stores like Target and WalMart) and include the children. Allow them to select an appropriate backpack, pencil box and lunch box, if needed. Participation will build enthusiasm.
  • Talking with children about the upcoming changes will ease back-to-school anxiety. Keep in mind, children do experience anxiety with change.
  • Make sure before and after school care is planned for. Who is dropping them off? Who is picking them up? Will the children need to ride a bus?
  • Create an emergency back-up plan. If their ride is late for a pick up after school, make certain that children are informed on what they should do, where they should go and who they should call. This might mean they contact a neighbor or a close relative.
  • A happy routine will help create a relaxed atmosphere for children. Keep all school items in one special place, include some morning snuggle time, allow enough time for breakfast, tooth brushing and dressing. Help make it a happy start to the school day.

Every child can be excited about the new school year when a little preparation is in place. Saying goodbye to summer may be a bittersweet moment for many households but the new school year holds its own adventures and possibilities. Plan for a grand new school year as you say goodbye to summer!


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