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Pizza in MY village  (stretching your social dining budget)

Posted by Joe Terpening on May 3, 2016 3:17:31 PM

Eating out is fun and social, but can get expensive if enjoyed on a regular basis.  I like to keep my eye out for inexpensive but tasty options and then share the find with others, especially those who may need to budget carefully (such as students and au pairs).  

In the village of Rhinebeck it can be hard to find a good meal at a decent price. Sure, there are great restaurants and fine dining options in Rhinebeck and the surrounding area, but what about a place where one can have a bite to eat without draining your bank account?

Village Pizza in Rhinebeck is just that place! The casual Italian pizzeria is located on Market Street making quality pizza at a reasonable price. When you walk into the pizzeria you are greeted kindly at the register by the staff. Passing the register you can see all the different kinds of pizza you can choose from in a case that separates the open kitchen from the dinner booths.  In the kitchen, one can see the pizza maker and the pizza oven roaring while the pizza maker makes all kinds of pizza.



One can choose from the traditional tomato sauce and mozzarella to varities not so classic, such as BBQ chicken pizza. The prices range for pizza by the slice from $1.50 to $3.00 or an entire pie for around $13.00.

If you do not like pizza, never fear, Village Pizza also offers traditional southern Italian favorites like chicken parmigiana and pasta with meatballs. Also, if you are of age one can enjoy some classic Italian wines like a medium bodied Montelpulciano or a crisp Pinot Grigio. If wine is not your taste they also have nice craft beers to pair with the food.  

If you are still hungry after devouring those slices of pizza or a plate of pasta, maybe finishing off the meal with a nice cup of ice cream is right for you. The ice cream is locally made at Jane’s Ice Cream in Kingston, New York and has flavors such as cappuccino and raspberry that will not disappoint. If you are having a hard time picking a flavor, no worries, have a scoop of two or three different flavors.

Village Pizza offers people a chance to relax and enjoy a night out with breaking the bank and still having a great culinary experience.

Au pairs especially need to watch their social budget, so places like Village Pizza can really help stretch their dollars.  If you know of places like this, be sure to recommend them to your au pairs and to each other if you ARE an au pair… your wallet will thank you!Read more Blog posts from APF

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