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How to live like a royal on a regular person's income

Posted by Katie Tastrom on Apr 25, 2016 11:00:00 AM

It would be great to be rich, enjoy all of the luxuries that come with wealth and not have to worry about finances. Unfortunately for most of us, yachts and mansions will remain a dream. However, even regular folks (like me!) can have some of the pampered lifestyle perks by taking advantage of a few of the more easily attainable “extras” that can make one feel special and spoiled.


What if I told you that you could live like royalty for a third of your life? It’s true! All you need are great sheets and other bedding. Since we spend about a third of our lives in bed, it is a great investment to save up and buy the best bed and bedding that you can afford. One of my favorite things about going on vacation is staying in nice hotels with decadent beds. I love those super soft sheets, plush duvets, mounds of pillows and programmable beds. Now I can bring that luxury home by making my own bed an oasis of high thread count and goose down. Even if you can’t afford the highest end things, bumping up the quality of your bedding just a few notches will make a noticeable difference in the quality of your environment and sleep!


I’m sure you can come up with ideas of your own… like upgrading your towels and bathroom fixtures.  Or learning to cook fancy gourmet meals for a fraction of the price of a restaurant.


Another thing that seems unattainable, but can actually be affordable is in home childcare. You don’t need a stable of nannies like Brad and Angelina.  Non-celebrity families can also afford in home childcare by hosting an au pair. An au pair is an experienced childcare provider from another country who comes to the US and lives with you and your family and helps you take care of the kids. Au pairs also are a great cultural exchange opportunity for the whole family. Having the in home childcare that an au pair provides is surprisingly affordable. However it is important that you find a reputable agency. Au Pair Foundation has been voted the BEST au pair agency, 2 years in a row, by host families just like you!  More information regarding these awards can be found at and


With just a couple of tricks you can live like a prince on a pauper’s income.

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