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Early fall crafts for kids

Posted by Katie Tastrom on Oct 8, 2016 7:19:00 AM

It’s impossible to believe, but it is fall at last. While there’s always a sadness at the end of the summer, I prefer cooler temperatures. Even before the chill in the air comes, you may want to do some activities with your kids to prepare for the changing seasons. These fun fall crafts can help you and your kids start celebrating fall!


Fruit Loops Tree

One fun craft for younger kids involves making a tree out of a cardboard tube (like the ones from toilet paper, wrapping paper or paper towels) and making slits in it and then cutting out a piece of green construction paper into a treetop shape. The fun part for kids is gluing Fruit Loops cereal (or cheerios or naturally colored O shaped cereal) to the treetop to look like leaves changing color. While most of the background is green, the cereal looks like the first leaves just starting to change!



Apple Wreath

An apple wreath is a great way to celebrate fall and back to school at the same time! IT is especially fun because for this craft you will use an actual apple, cut in half and then used as a stamp to make apple prints on paper. After you have your prints you can cut out the apples and attach to a cardboard “O” to make a wreath. Then you can add paper leaves, stems and/or seeds if you want.



Sunflower Picture Frame

Another great part about fall is that the sunflowers are just finishing their blooms. One way you can commemorate this and the age that your child is at during that time is to help them make a sunflower picture and frame. The easiest way to do this is to use a paper plate cut into petal shapes (or yellow construction paper if you prefer) to make a large sunflower shape. You can paint the plate yellow or leave it and then your child can do the rest of the decorating. When the decorating is done all you need to do is glue a circle shaped picture in to middle to make a cute keepsake. You can attach magnets or string to hang it up somewhere.




It’s easy to find fall crafts, but many of those involve leaves or pumpkins and it is probably a little too early for that right now - if you carve them or paint them too soon they can wrinkle or rot quickly in the still warm weather. However, these fun crafts above can help to make a fun transition into sweater weather!


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