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Affordable Labor Day Vacation Ideas

Posted by Katie Tastrom on Aug 28, 2017 6:00:00 AM


Can you believe Summer is almost over? I can’t. If you haven’t taken a vacation yet, Labor Day's long weekend may be your last chance to squeeze in some warm weather fun. As everyone knows vacations can be ridiculously expensive, but there are ways to make vacations fit into (almost) any budget. Here are a few ideas to help make your vacation affordable:

·     Camping – while some people may not even consider going on a camping trip, for those of us that are game, it can be a lot of fun and not be too hard on your wallet. Camping trips also tend to include lots of free activities like hiking and swimming, which can also help the budget. The biggest financial stress may come with the initial investment in equipment, but if you don’t want to buy all that stuff (or have storage issues), many campgrounds have cabins that you can rent to get the rustic experience without having to sleep on the ground.

·     Home exchange – Home exchange is simple, it is where you exchange home for a long weekend, an entire week (or another agreed upon period of time) with someone else who lives somewhere that you want to go. You may have more luck and opportunities depending on your home and where you live, but a home exchange is a great low-cost way to see another city.

·     Road trip- With the cost (and hassle) of air travel, if you have a big family a road trip is a great option save money on vacation. No matter where you live, there will be somewhere within driving distance worth exploring.

·     Staying home- it may not be the kids favorite, but budget concerns are real and for many families it may make sense (and cents) to stay home and have fun in your town instead of going somewhere else. You can plan exciting activities for each day (a pool day, beach day, local theme park, zoos, museums, hiking and picnicking) to make it less hum drum, but teaching kids good financial strategies is always in season.

However you spend it, enjoy summer's last hurrah and enjoy the long weekend!



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